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4 Unforgettable Travel Destinations This Summer

Not all of the people have the privilege to go anywhere in the world. And not all of the people have the budget to plan a trip during summer vacation. So, it is good to plan your summer vacation travel ahead of time. You can search for a website or travel agency where you can find lower rates but with excellent service when it comes to travel and tours.

To have a great summer vacation, there are countries you can visit without spending too much of your bucks.


Bali, Indonesia is one of the places you may never want to miss to visit this summer vacation. Aside from cheap travel packages, you can look for within your country; you can guarantee low prices from the country itself. You can enjoy food, hotel, and the tour itself without spending too much of your budget! However, if you would like to enjoy the travel completely, you have the option to look for a travel agency to do all the bookings and the tour for you. All you just need to do is pack your bag and make sure that you have all the important things you need on your trip.


The Philippines is famous for its white beaches and cheap travel destination. You will certainly enjoy the warm weather while sitting on the beach. This country has a lot of travel activities that you can enjoy and try too. Famous for its Boracay, Palawan, and Cebu, everything you want to see is all in the Philippines. Aside from its plenty and mesmerizing beaches, people are also very kind too. You can get to talk with locals and help you tour around for free. Seafood is very fantastic which is a perfect place to eat as you can eat them fresh from the sea, cheap, deliciously cook, what else can you ask for?

London, United Kingdom

London is the most famous place that anyone would want to come. Best time to visit summer! The weather is just charming when it’s summer. You can get the warmth of the sun plus cool breeze of the air, a perfect time for bbq. Going in this place is just a little expensive but if you try to visit there are a lot of places to visit for free like Museums, Gardens and their magnificent palaces where the Royal blood live.


Barcelona, Spain is one of the best summer party destinations that you must have on the top of your list. This place is one of the options you can choose for a summer vacation getaway. The weather is beautiful, and you may enjoy the beaches. There are reasonable prices for food and drinks, but then you need to book as early as possible so that you won’t experience any problem looking for a hotel there.

Budapest, Hungary

This place could not be that common for you to travel, but you can feel summer in this location. It has cold weather in the evening, but it is still nice to stay in a hotel. Book a hotel accommodation as early as possible, so you won’t encounter any problems when you’re there. It is cheaper to stay in Budapest than another city that you may think of.

Traveling is so exciting and going to the right country is important. So, to make it more memorable, make sure to choose the right country where you can enjoy your summer. The three countries mentioned above are just some of the suggestions that you can follow. You can still try some other more that is best to visit during summer.